Charges against local attorney dismissed.

Attorney Ewing represented a local attorney and US Army reservist who was charged with embezzling client funds. The case was complex due to the amount of documents and exhibits. After lengthy court proceedings and multiple motion battles–the Circuit Court Judge dismissed the case. Charges were never refiled.

Motion to Suppress Identification–GRANTED!

Motions to Suppress are seemingly rarely granted. In this Ewing Law case, our client was identified in Court (for the first time) by the victim in the case. Attorney Ewing filed a Motion to Suppress the victim’s in-court identification because the courtroom presented an unduly suggestive environment for such an identification. That same victim was unable to identify our client in a previous line-up. The Genesee County Circuit Court Judge agreed–suppressing the identification.

Client charged with murder gets only 6 years.

Another Ewing Law client who was charged with first degree murder for what the media called a “revenge killing.” After gathering our client’s evidence and presenting it to the prosecution–they decided it was in the interest of justice to offer a plea agreement whereby our client would serve only 6 years for the murder.

Murder Case Dismissed

In 2018, a young man (our client) who lived in the City of Flint was charged with murder after defending himself against his attacker. He was meeting up with a stranger to sell him a cell phone. When our client arrived with the cell phone in hand the buyer pulled a gun and tried to rob our client. Our client shot and killed the attacker. He was then jailed and charged with murder.

We gathered our client’s evidence and presented it to the prosecutor. The prosecutor agreed to dismiss the murder charge. Moreover, while we were fighting this case–we convinced the District Court Judge to allow our client to remain on bond.