After lengthy testimony all charges against our client have been dismissed! 1) Delivery of Cocaine, 2&3) Felon in Poss Firearm, 3&4) Felon Poss Ammunition, 5) Delivery of Heroin, 6&7) Felony Firearm. Judge agreed that the government did not meet their burden of proof.

Client Charged with Murder gets Probation!

In January of 2020, a Ewing Law client who was charged with Open Murder received a term of probation. The original murder charge was amended to manslaughter and there was an agreement that he would be placed on probation after receiving enough jail credit for his felony firearm conviction. 18-042947 FC.

Another Murder Case Dismissed!

Another Ewing Law Client charged with Murder 1st Degree and related gun charges dismissed! This was a case involving a young man who had originally been bound over to circuit court only to have his case remanded back to the district court for additional testimony. When presented with additional evidence by our office the government agreed to our client’s charges being dismissed.

Client Charged with Multiple Felonies Acquitted!

Ewing Law Client was charged with armed robbery, home invasion, assault with intent to murder, and various gun charges arising from an incident in the City of Flint. It was alleged that our client had forced his way into the house of a local drug dealer in order to rob him. Attorney Ewing tried the case before a jury who returned a not guilty verdict on all charges! 17-041563 FC.

Client Charged with Murder Found Not Guilty!

Attorney Ewing represented another young man who was charged with First Degree Murder, and other charges, in the City of Flint. This incident arose when the alleged victim approached our client with the intent to shoot and kill him. Our client shot and killed the would be assailant and was later charged with murder. Attorney Ewing tried the case before a jury who found our client not guilty of murder and assault with intent to murder. 16-40408 FC.

Client Charged with Multiple Offenses–Not Guilty!

Ewing Law Client was charged with: 1) Three counts of Armed Robbery, 2) Three counts of Assault with Intent to Murder, and 3) Multiple gun charges. The incident arose when our client was confronted by three drug dealers who claimed he owed them money. Our client pulled a gun shooting all three drug dealers in order to escape. Attorney Ewing tried the case before a jury who returned a verdict of not guilty on all charges! Below is a screenshot from the circuit court register of actions:

Murder Case Dismissed

In 2018, a young man (our client) who lived in the City of Flint was charged with murder after defending himself against his attacker. He was meeting up with a stranger to sell him a cell phone. When our client arrived with the cell phone in hand the buyer pulled a gun and tried to rob our client. Our client shot and killed the attacker. He was then jailed and charged with murder.

We gathered our client’s evidence and presented it to the prosecutor. The prosecutor agreed to dismiss the murder charge. Moreover, while we were fighting this case–we convinced the District Court Judge to allow our client to remain on bond.