After lengthy testimony all charges against our client have been dismissed! 1) Delivery of Cocaine, 2&3) Felon in Poss Firearm, 3&4) Felon Poss Ammunition, 5) Delivery of Heroin, 6&7) Felony Firearm. Judge agreed that the government did not meet their burden of proof.

Ewing Law Client Found Not Guilty by Jury!

Another Ewing Law client was found not guilty of First Degree Murder. This case took place in the City of Flint, and involved a fight inside a house with a local drug dealer. Our client maintained that he was acting in self defense–which was presented to a jury by Attorney Ewing. The jury deliberated and returned a verdict of not guilty!

Another Murder Case Dismissed!

Another Ewing Law Client charged with Murder 1st Degree and related gun charges dismissed! This was a case involving a young man who had originally been bound over to circuit court only to have his case remanded back to the district court for additional testimony. When presented with additional evidence by our office the government agreed to our client’s charges being dismissed.

Motion to Suppress Granted–Case Dismissed!

A Ewing Law Client was charged with various gun charges after police approached him in a parking lot finding a gun in his vehicle. The issue presented to the court was that the police had seized our client, placing him in the back of a locked police car, before having probable cause to do so. Without probable cause, the police had no reason to search the vehicle–and the statement he gave while illegally detained should not have been used against him. Attorney Ewing filed a Motion to Suppress the evidence of the gun, and suppress his illegally obtained statement. Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Joseph J. Farah agreed, suppression was granted–and the case was dismissed.

OWI Case Dismissed–Suppression Granted!

A Ewing Law Client in Saginaw, Michigan, was charged with Operating While Intoxicated (OWI). Police stopped his vehicle for making an illegal u-turn. After stopping the vehicle, police discovered our client was intoxicated–and he was charged. Attorney Ewing discovered that the illegal u-turn was, in fact, not illegal in Frankenmuth and filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence gathered from the improper traffic stop. District Court Judge A. T. Frank agreed, suppressed the evidence–and the charges were dismissed.

Motion to Suppress Granted! Case Dismissed!

In this case, Ewing Law Client was charged with operating a mobile meth lab. Our client was considered a habitual offender and was facing life in prison if convicted. Michigan State Police stopped our client’s vehicle pursuant to a 911 call reporting a suspicious vehicle. Time had passed from the time of the 911 call before stopping our client’s car erasing any belief that there was anything suspicious about our client’s actions. Police stopped the vehicle without reasonable suspicion and Attorney Ewing filed a Motion to Suppress. Genesee County Circuit Judge Richard Yuille agreed that the police did not have reasonable suspicion to stop the vehicle. The drugs and drug making equipment found in the vehicle were suppressed, and the case was dismissed.

Client Charged with Murder Found Not Guilty!

Attorney Ewing represented another young man who was charged with First Degree Murder, and other charges, in the City of Flint. This incident arose when the alleged victim approached our client with the intent to shoot and kill him. Our client shot and killed the would be assailant and was later charged with murder. Attorney Ewing tried the case before a jury who found our client not guilty of murder and assault with intent to murder. 16-40408 FC.

Charged with Murder–Not Guilty!

In another one of our cases, a client who was charged with First Degree Murder arising from an incident in front of a convenience store in the City of Flint. The alleged victim in the case was threatening our client, who in turn, called his brother for help. When his brother arrived he started shooting at the victim who died from the gunshot wounds. Pursuant to an aiding and abetting theory, our client was charged with murder along with his brother. We tried the case before a jury who found our client not guilty of murder.

The excerpt from the Circuit Court register of actions:

Charges against local attorney dismissed.

Attorney Ewing represented a local attorney and US Army reservist who was charged with embezzling client funds. The case was complex due to the amount of documents and exhibits. After lengthy court proceedings and multiple motion battles–the Circuit Court Judge dismissed the case. Charges were never refiled.