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Attorney Ewing

Michael Ewing is a Criminal Defense Attorney with more than a decade of experience defending people charged with crimes. His legal career began after working as a Genesee County Circuit Court Judicial Advisory Assistant where he had the opportunity to observe and learn from some of Michigan’s finest defense attorneys and Circuit Court Judges.

Attorney Ewing focuses his practice on criminal defense. This allows him to stay current with the latest developments in criminal law. Attorney Ewing is friendly and not judgmental when it comes to his clients–frankly–he’s seen it all. Clients, and their family members, have his cell phone number so they can get quick answers to questions.

In terms of trial advocacy–he’s one of the best. Judges, defense attorneys, even prosecutors have referred their family and friends to Attorney Ewing for help. He enjoys the challenge of communicating with juries and presenting his client’s side of the story–and has had a lot of success over the years with favorable jury verdicts. Prosecutors around the State of Michigan know that if they try a case with Attorney Ewing on the other side of the table–they’re going to have an uphill battle.

Proven Results

Attorney Ewing made a name for himself through his trial advocacy. He has tried a large number of felony cases–and has received not guilty verdicts from juries many times over. A partial list of case results examples can be found on the homepage of this website.

Cost of Representation

The issue of the costs for hiring an attorney is covered in this website’s FAQ page, but it’s worth repeating that hiring the highest priced attorney doesn’t mean you’re getting the highest quality representation. There are various reasons for this, but people hiring an attorney should look at the attorney’s experience, scope of practice, and how comfortable they feel when communicating the prospective attorney.

Second Amendment Advocate

Attorney Ewing is a supporter and advocate in support of the Second Amendment–both in court and out. He can regularly be found at the gun range, and at shooting competitions/leagues. Pictured below is Attorney Ewing (brown shirt) running a timed rapid engagement league at Williams Gunsight in Davison, Michigan.

The interest in guns goes further than supporting the Second Amendment. In many of our cases, reasonable doubt has been established by Attorney Ewing because of his comprehensive knowledge of guns, their operation, bullet calibers, and shell casings.

Attorney Ewing competing in a timed shooting event.

Range day.
Working from home.

Airplanes & Aishows

Attorney Ewing is a private pilot and works at works at various airshows. On several occasions he has worked as an airshow announcer for the Detroit Riverdays Airshow, and works annually in flight line operations at EAA Airventure. Pictured below is Attorney Ewing flying a Cessna 172 somewhere over Michigan.