No Prison for Mutilation of Dead Body and Other Charges–Gets Probation.

In August 2023, a EwingLaw Client charged with the charges listed below was given probation when the sentencing guidelines called for several years in prison. The charges that he got probation for were:

  1. Accessory After the Fact to a Felony.
  2. Disinterment & Mutilation of Dead Bodies.
  3. Concealment the Death of an Individual.
  4. Tampering with Evidence.
  5. Second Degree Arson.
  6. Arson-Preparation to Burn Property.
  7. Dead Bodies–Disinterment & Mutilation.

1st and 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) Charges Dismissed by Judge.

Attorney Ewing’s client was charged with two counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) 1st Degree, and one count of Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) 2nd Degree. If the client had been convicted a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison would have been required. But the charges were dismissed by the Judge, at the request of Attorney Ewing, after taking the testimony of the alleged victim at the preliminary examination. Judge found insufficient evidence to support the changes.

Another Client Saved from Prison Sentence!

We’re sorry that we don’t keep up the website posts as frequently as we would like, but that doesn’t mean that good things aren’t happening. This week, a EwingLaw client charged with multiple counts of Home Invasion 1st Degree (Habitual Offender 4th) who was facing a maximum penalty of life in prison was given another chance.

With a lot of work, we were able to convince the court that our client needed mental health treatment instead of prison. Sometimes, maybe often, mental health treatment is the source of criminal behavior.

Murder Charges Dismissed!

A Ewing Law Client was charged with Open Murder, Felony Firearms, Assault with Intent to Murder, Felony Firearms, and Carrying a Concealed Weapon. Our client was only 15 years old at the time of the incident–but faced life without parole before the adult court.

We were able to use the evidence to show that the facts and circumstances were not as clear cut as the police believed. As a result, the charges were dismissed, and the client was allowed to have his case handled in the juvenile court–which will monitor his progress in high school and rehabilitative programs so that he can move into his adulthood free from incarceration with his entire life ahead of him.

Dismissal of charges in adult court.
Charges in adult court.

20 Year Home Invasion 1st Degree Dismissed!

In this case, a Ewing Law Client was charged with Home Invasion 1st Degree which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years prison, Malicious Destruction or Property ($200-$1000) a misdemeanor that carries a maximum of 1 year in jail, and misdemeanor Domestic Violence with a maximum penalty of 93 days jail.

The felony Home Invasion 1st Degree (20 year prison max) was reduced to Illegal Entry (a misdemeanor), count two (MDOP) was dismissed, and he plead to count three (Domestic Violence).

The plea agreement also stated that the pleas to the two misdemeanors would be made pursuant to MCL 771.1 and 769.4a–meaning they are non-public records so they are sealed so that our client’s employer can not find the records. The agreement also stated that upon successful completion of an anger management program and a short probation–that the two misdemeanor charges would also be dismissed. Leaving our client WITH ALL CHARGES ULTIMATELY DISMISSED!

Screenshot of plea agreement.

Another Felony Dismissed!

A Ewing Law Client was charged with a felony for causing an individual to falsely believe they had been exposed to a harmful biological substance (COVID-19) as well as malicious destruction of property (MDOP). The penalty for the felony is a maximum of 5 years prison. By presenting mitigating facts we were able to get the felony dismissed and our client plead to the misdemeanor (MDOP)–he was given credit for time served (93 days) and released!