Client Charged with Murder Discharged from Supervision (Probation).

In 2018, there was a shooting at a Flint gas station that resulted in our client being charged with 1st Degree Murder. Client was 15 years-old and was initially charged as an adult–facing life in prison without parole. After we presented evidence that mitigated the murder charge, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss and re-issue the charge in the juvenile court.

The client was in custody for a short period of time before being transitioned into living on his own while being supervised (probation) by the State of Michigan. Today, he was released from supervision (probation) and can move forward with his life.

EwingLaw Client Charged with Disinterment & Mutilation of Dead Body (and other charges)–gets probation.

EwingLaw Client was charged with: 1) Accessory After the Fact, 2) Dead Bodies–Disinterment and Mutilation, 3) Concealing the Death of an Individual, 4) Tampering with Evidence, 5) Second Degree Arson, 6) Arson-Preparation to Burn Property, and 7)
Dead Bodies–Disinterment and Mutilation. Due to the client’s criminal history, and offense variables, he faced a minimum of 10 years in prison–up to life (HO4).

After a lengthy legal battle, a plea agreement was reached for the client to receive probation instead of prison.

No Prison for Mutilation of Dead Body and Other Charges–Gets Probation.

In August 2023, a EwingLaw Client charged with the charges listed below was given probation when the sentencing guidelines called for several years in prison. The charges that he got probation for were:

  1. Accessory After the Fact to a Felony.
  2. Disinterment & Mutilation of Dead Bodies.
  3. Concealment the Death of an Individual.
  4. Tampering with Evidence.
  5. Second Degree Arson.
  6. Arson-Preparation to Burn Property.
  7. Dead Bodies–Disinterment & Mutilation.

1st and 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) Charges Dismissed by Judge.

Attorney Ewing’s client was charged with two counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) 1st Degree, and one count of Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) 2nd Degree. If the client had been convicted a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison would have been required. But the charges were dismissed by the Judge, at the request of Attorney Ewing, after taking the testimony of the alleged victim at the preliminary examination. Judge found insufficient evidence to support the changes.